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Even after the election, the name of the Chancellor of Germany has not been stamped, who will become the king, who will be the kingmaker

Merkel’s party got 196 seats

A coalition government may be formed

If we look at the election data, once again a coalition government is being formed in Germany. After World War II, every government in Germany has been a coalition. There is an alliance of CDU and SPD in the current government, but it is not seen that these two parties will come together again. This time the Green Party and the FDP are in the role of King Maker in making the German Chancellor. The Green Party got 14.8 percent of the votes and won 118 seats. FDP got 11.5 percent votes and 92 seats. 

these two parties in the role of kingmakers

A week after the general election in Germany, the situation is that the number three and number four parties come in the role of kingmaker. are over. These two teams are Business Friendly FDP and Environment Friendly Greens. Whichever major party has the support of these two parties will form the government.

The first possible coalition is commonly called the Traffic Light Coalition, the traffic light because in Germany all parties are of the same colour. . Like black color for CDU-CSU, red color for SPD and green color for Green party, yellow for FDP.

What is the possibility of forming government

If Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU, together with the business-friendly FDP and the Green Party working for the environment, can form a government, if it does, it will be called the Jamaica Coalition. Because these three colors together make up the national flag of Jamaica. In this coalition, the chancellor’s face is Armin Lashet from the CDU/CSU side.

There is a second possibility that the SPD, FDP and the Green Party can form a government together, which will be called the Traffic Light Coalition, which is most likely. The face of this alliance is Olafs Shoals from the SPD. At the same time, Annalena Baerbock from the Green Party is also in the race for the post of Chancellor.

There is a third possibility that the number one and number two parties will come together with the Center Left SPD and the Conservative CDU-CSU parties to form the government. Remember that these two parties are part of the Grand Alliance government at this time and have formed the government even before this.

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