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European Union lifts air travel ban from this country

Omicron: The European Union (EU) on Monday lifted a travel ban imposed on flights arriving from South Africa after nearly a month in the hope of preventing the spread of the new variant of the coronavirus, ‘Omicron’. Omicron was first identified in South Africa in late November last year. After this, the organization of 27 countries had banned travelers coming from that area. Due to Omicron, there was a rapid increase in the cases of infection in South Africa.

Air travel ban lifted from South Africa

Due to the Omicron variant, cases of infection increased in many countries around the world including the European Union. EU President France announced on Monday that the union had agreed to allow air travel to and from South African countries to resume. Let us inform that South Africa had relaxed the Kovid rules in the last days of the year 2021. On 30 December, the government also abolished the curfew which was in force from March 2020. At present, the booster dose and vaccination campaign is going on.

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Relaxation in the rules of quarantine and testing

In South Africa, initially the rules of quarantine and testing of exposure to the infected were also relaxed but were later withdrawn. According to the sero survey, antibodies were found in 79 to 93 percent of people over the age of 50 who were or were not vaccinated against Kovid-19, the same category that had more cases of hospitalization in previous waves. Sero survey data shows that a large population of the country has developed immunity to severe infection of Kovid from natural infection and even before vaccination.

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