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European Union Drugs Regulator finds ‘possible connection’ between AztraZeneca vaccine and Blood Clots

The drug regulator of the European Union has said that it has found a “possible connection” between Estrogenica’s anti-Corona virus vaccine and the problem of rare blood clots. However it also said that the benefits of this vaccine are still more than the risks.

The European Medicines Agency, in a statement released on Wednesday, did not announce any new restrictions on the use of the vaccine for people 18 years and older. Earlier this week, a senior agency official said that a causal connection has been found between Estrogenica vaccines and rare blood clots in dozens of thousands of people worldwide.

“It is becoming very difficult to say that between the extremely rare blood clots associated with estrogena vaccines and platelet depletion,” Marco Cavalleri, Amsterdam-based agency’s head of health risk and vaccine strategy, told a Rome newspaper on Tuesday. There is no causal contact. “The agency said that its evaluation has not yet reached a conclusion and the review is currently underway.

Trial on children stopped in Britain

Britain has stopped the trial of AstraZeneca corona virus vaccine on children. Oxford University, which collaborated to make this vaccine, has issued a statement saying that the UK’s drug regulatory agency will not be tested until the vaccine is used to assess the possibility of blood clotting. We will wait to get additional information on the diminished possibility of blood clotting using the vaccine by MHRA, (Britain’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency).

Blood clotting problem was found in 30 people in Britain after taking the AstraZeneca vaccine. Due to this, 7 people also died. However, UK drug regulatory agency MHRA has said that its benefits are more than the risks of this vaccine. Many health agencies across the world are eyeing the extent to which blood clotting is possible with the AstraZeneca vaccine. In Europe and Norway, many cases of blood clotting had come to light after vaccination.

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