Euronext Growth attracts disappointments from the regulated market

Posted on Dec. 2020 at 10:27Updated Dec 17. 2020 at 10:28

On December 11, Archos, the company that designs and sells electronic devices, changed its listing. Its securities were transferred from the regulated market Euronext to Euronext Growth, the market dedicated to SMEs. The week before, it was Cogelec, who had done the same. The Vendée SME which manufactures intercoms had yet decided only two and a half years ago to take its first steps precisely on the regulated market in order to strengthen its own funds. In total over the year, 11 transfers from Euronext to Euronext Growth were carried out: Mr. Bricolage, Fleury Michon, Riber, Installux, etc. And in January, others will follow (at least five for the moment). Among them, Netgem, Tivoly, Voluntis, or DMS. Keyrus, a player in the fields of Data Intelligence, will ask its shareholders at a general meeting on December 23 to decide on a transfer to Euronext Growth.

Such movements are not so frequent », Indicates an investment banker. In 2019, only 5 companies had made this choice (including Le Tanneur, DNX, LDLC), and 3 in 2018. Usually, movements tend to be in the opposite direction: “LCompanies like to switch from Euronext Growth, a market dedicated to SMEs, to the regulated market of Euronext. This proves that the company has grown well. In short, it’s a sign of success », Explains the same banker. Euronext Growth (new name of Alternext, since June 2017) is indeed a market dedicated to SMEs which offers an alternative to companies in their early stages of development. Euronext is the regulated market for larger companies.

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