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EU chief reached Ukraine, said – it was good to be back in Kyiv

EU Chief Visits Ukraine: European Union (EU) chief Ursula von der Leyen arrived in Ukraine on Saturday. She will hold discussions with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to get candidacy status to join the EU. While Kyiv has been pushing for faster access to the European Union, officials and bloc leaders have cautioned that the road to membership is long, which could take years or even decades.

Ukraine sees the possibility of joining the European Union as a way to reduce its geopolitical vulnerability, which has been exposed by Russia’s attack.

EU chief tweeted on arrival in Kyiv
Von der Leyen tweeted on arrival in Kyiv, ‘With President Zelensky I will take stock of the joint work needed for reconstruction and the progress made by Ukraine on the European Path.’ He wrote, ‘Nice to be back in Kyiv.’ This is von der Leyen’s second visit to Kyiv since the Russian attack in late February.

Von der Leyen said the discussion would “help us assess how Ukraine is ready to become a candidate country and to start a longer dialogue, including the reforms it needs.” He said an assessment by his commission would be presented “soon”.

EU commissioners and officials meeting next week
EU commissioners and officials are expected to look into Ukraine’s claim ahead of the June 23-24 summit next week. This matter will probably come up in the summit.

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