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Men who ejaculate less than 2 minutes after sex should see a male specialist for advice on suitable solutions to enhance physiology.

Dr Jay Simhan, vice president of Urology at the Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia, US, said that without any medication, the average person’s erection time is about 10 minutes. . However, there are many people who are above or below this average.

There is no universal answer to the question “how long is enough”, because each man will take the initiative in his own time to achieve pleasure for himself and his partner. According to doctor Doan Ngoc Thien, Department of Orrology, Tam Anh General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, if ejaculation is less than 2 minutes after the “little boy” penetrates the vagina and this phenomenon occurs frequently and lasts, then Men are considered premature ejaculation and should see a male specialist for advice on suitable solutions. In contrast to premature ejaculation, in cases where for some reason the erection lasts for more than 4 hours, you must also go to the hospital immediately for emergency treatment.

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There are many factors, from psychological, physiological to pathological that affect the length of time in men. According to experts, relationship troubles or men’s own discomfort with their bodies (or partners) both affect arousal and reduce “battle” time.

Factors in nutrition, lifestyle also affect men’s fast and slow. The use of alcohol, drugs, certain over-the-counter medications (including cold and allergy medications), and prescription medications (including anti-anxiety medications, depression, and high blood pressure) are all common. affect the time of ejaculation in men. Men who are obese or have diseases such as heart disease or diabetes will also make sex no longer strong and durable.

In addition to the above factors, in the male body, there are two components that determine sexual performance and erection process: testosterone and nitric oxide. In particular, testosterone has the role of creating desire and directing erectile activity, while nitric oxide is a compound that helps blood vessels dilate, promoting blood circulation faster and more, is a vital factor in the erection process. stiffness in the penis.

However, both testosterone and nitric oxide are reduced due to age, unhealthy nutrition and lifestyle, sedentary body or prolonged stress. This explains why today, men with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are more and more common. About 50% of men under 50 suffer from the condition that “the top tells the bottom not to listen” and 1 in 3 men is “out of money before going to the market”.

According to doctor Doan Ngoc Thien, physical activity, especially exercise, is one of the ways to promote the body to increase the production of testosterone and nitric oxide. When exercising, blood is pumped to the organs faster, thereby increasing the activity of vascular endothelial cells – which produce the molecule nitric oxide. Therefore, exercise improves endurance in physiological life and is very good for people with cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

In your daily diet, you should add foods to increase nitric oxide including nuts, green leafy vegetables, watermelon, dark chocolate, red wine… and foods that help increase testosterone include meat. , oysters, seafood, fatty fish.

Men should also consider enhancing their physiology by supplementing with specific essences from nature such as eurycoma longifolia, French sea pine extract and ocean oyster essence. American scientists discovered that these essences have the effect of stimulating the male body to increase the production of endogenous testosterone and nitric oxide, thereby improving sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation. , and at the same time support to extend the relationship time.

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