Erectile dysfunction due to prolonged stress

HanoiA 34-year-old man, going to a gynecologist due to a decrease in sex drive, could not achieve maximum erection, causing tension in the husband and wife relationship.

The patient has a healthy history, does not use stimulants, does not smoke, and consumes little alcohol. A year ago, he was stressed and worried because three restaurants in the industrial park in Bac Giang that he owned were closed. With no revenue, he had to manage to find a way to pay for the cost of the premises, staff salaries… At this time, he noticed a decrease in libido, a poor erection of the penis, and the failure to have sex. Since then, the couple often quarreled and quarreled.

At the beginning of June, he went to Hanoi Hospital for Menopause and Infertility for examination. Doctor Ha Van Quang said the patient’s genitals were normal, with no lumps or sclerosis. However, the patient’s penis is more difficult than usual and does not achieve maximum hardness when sexually stimulated. In addition, the ability to maintain an erection of the penis decreases, often “failing” during sex.

“According to the scale of assessing the degree of erection, his penis is only 2 out of 4 points, corresponding to the hardness of a peeled banana,” the doctor said.

The doctor concluded that the patient had erectile dysfunction due to psychological factors, thereby advising him to change his lifestyle and activities such as eating and sleeping on time; use stress reduction measures such as meditation, exercise, listening to music… and prescription treatment to improve.

In another case, the 41-year-old man works as an architect in Hanoi. He said that the decrease in libido lasted for more than a year, but in the last two months, the ability to get an erection has decreased markedly. The patient had a history of dyslipidemia for two years, and drank a lot of alcohol.

According to Dr. Quang, patients are often stressed, work with high intensity, stay up late and work until morning, leading to erectile dysfunction. Doctors advise on prescription drug treatment and adjustment of alternate working hours, not staying up late and resting properly; adjust diet, abstain from alcohol, beer, tobacco, exercise 90 minutes a day.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory intercourse. This long-term condition seriously affects fertility by not being able to have sex as usual, even leading to impotence, increasing the risk of infertility and infertility. However, Most erectile dysfunction can be completely cured if treatment is adhered to. Therefore, men with symptoms of the disease should go to reputable orthopedic medical facilities to examine, find out the cause and advise on appropriate treatment.

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction. In the case of men with erectile dysfunction due to psychological causes alone, it is necessary to explore and consult to give appropriate psychological therapies, combining lifestyle changes, diet and behavior, practice. Patients can be treated with drugs prescribed by a doctor to improve sexual function faster.

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