Eramet: home stretch to find an agreement on governance

After fifteen days of intense negotiations, the two main shareholders of Eramet, linked by a pact, the Duval family and the State, are on the verge of reaching an agreement concerning the fate of Christel Bories at the head of Eramet. While the former ask “ changes in governance », The departure of the leader or at least the separation of functions, the public power gives its preference to the status quo and the maintenance of Christel Bories. A final decision should be taken at the board meeting on Tuesday. This board must adopt the draft resolutions submitted to the vote of the general meeting in May.

At the end of last week, the two main stakeholders ensured that the discussions were progressing calmly. They are moving towards a compromise: Christel Bories would be renewed as CEO, and a separation of the functions of chairman and managing director would be considered, but for the end of his term, that is to say in four years. The state has always been in favor of dissociation, but only when the person changes. The leader will then be 61 years old and will have had the elbow room long enough to complete the transformation of the group and put it back on its feet. In the meantime, a lead director could be appointed, but it will be necessary to agree on a name.

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