Epidemiologist: ‘Dangerous outbreaks have been locked’

Infiltration outbreaks in other localities have also been completely zoned and thoroughly handled, said Mr. Tran Nhu Duong, who directly participated in the anti-epidemic working group of the Ministry of Health in Hai Duong.

“However, anti-epidemic is never simple, there are always complicated new situations. Therefore, we are all aware that it is not allowed to be negligent, subjective and must fight together. translation with best efforts, “Mr. Duong said.

This outbreak, in 10 days, recorded more than 400 cases in 12 provinces and cities, of which the most was in Hai Duong province. The Ministry of Health immediately mobilized thousands of experts in all specialized fields, providing timely support equipment, bio-products and chemicals to localities such as Hai Duong, Dien Bien and Gia Lai. Up to now, the epidemic situation in the country has been well controlled.

Mr. Duong assessed that this epidemic, the health sector has to face with a more dangerous “enemy”, which is the strain nCoV Anh. This strain is characterized by its rapid and intense spread. The challenge is to track and test quickly on a large scale with large numbers. In order to meet the testing requirements in the new situation, the health sector must change its sample pooling strategy.

“In the past, mainly sample samples were tested or samples were smuggled 5, now the Ministry of Health allows to combine 10-12 samples in one test to meet the very large sample testing requirements,” Duong said. “Combined by the household or in a group of the same agency, the unit can be up to 16 samples. If the group of samples appears positive, immediately isolate and conduct separate testing to detect the main form. This method is both fast and saves a lot of bio-products. “

According to Mr. Duong, the sample consolidation strategy has a solid and clear scientific basis. There are many international studies as well as many countries have applied this strategy. In Vietnam, with prudence and science, the Ministry of Health has assigned the Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology to research and develop a standard process of sample pooling.

“The research results of the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology have confirmed that combining many samples in one test is completely feasible, accurate, reliable with high sensitivity and specificity as when we do. application form, “Mr. Duong said. Thanks to such clear scientific bases, the Ministry of Health has issued guidelines for conducting pooled sample testing nationwide.

Mr. Tran Nhu Duong, directly participating in the Anti-epidemic Task Force of the Ministry of Health in Hai Duong. Image: Ministry of Health.

Mr. Duong emphasized that Tet is coming very close, the epidemic situation is still complicated. Every citizen celebrates Tet happily but need to remember to keep safe for themselves and everyone. It is important to implement well the 5K message of the Ministry of Health that is wearing a mask, disinfecting hands, not gathering, keeping distance and medical reporting.

“Should not go to areas with epidemic outbreaks”, Mr. Duong recommended.

Some habits that can increase the risk of infection also need to be changed, such as instead of going from house to house to meet face to face to celebrate Tet, become a 4.0-era citizen: Happy New Year online, Happy New Year via Internet applications. , texting, calling … Instead of happy age, lucky money in cash or with lucky money, you can send greeting cards online.

“I think at the moment everyone understands and understands that safety is the most important thing,” Mr. Duong said.


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