Enrico Macias mourns his “brother” Robert Castel

The singer paid tribute to the one he considered a “Master of comedy and humor”, died Saturday at the age of 87. They had known each other for over half a century.

Both had left their country, their sun, the blue sea and the white cities. Enrico Macias paid tribute in the columns of the Parisian to his friend Robert Castel, who died Saturday, December 5 in Paris at the age of 87. More than a friend, moreover, it was for him“a brother”.

“It’s a great misfortune, I have great pain, entrusts the musician. Even though he was sick, we didn’t think he would leave like this so quickly. “ Their friendship, over half a century long, was made up of memories, anecdotes and giggles. “I learned everything from him, continues Enrico Macias who will be 82 on December 11. He was the one who guided me to act “. In the 1970s, they were seen together in several sketches such as My wife is cheating on me or Retirement or It’s the glory.

Enrico Macias considers Robert Castel as “A master of comedy and humor”. He specifies : “They say comedians are sad. He was funny on stage and in life. He was a little introverted, but as soon as he got to know people he opened up completely. He made us die of laughter. “

The beginnings of their friendship date back to 1957 and The Hernandez family, a play produced by Robert Castel with the actresses Lucette Sahuquet and Marthe Villalonga, which was playing in Paris and which Enrico Macias was going to applaud. After a great success in Algeria, this play made known in the capital the humor and folklore typical of the Pieds-Noirs. At that time, the young man was also playing in the orchestra of Lili Labassi, father of Robert Castel and a great performer of Arab-Andalusian music and chaâbi. About his meeting with Robert, Enrico Macias confides: “We became friends right away, and we never let go.”

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