Ennio, Peter Von Kant, After Yang… The films to see or avoid this week

A never-before-seen documentary on Ennio Morricone, a very personal reinterpretation of a Fassbinder film by François Ozon, an android babysitter with a soul. What to see this week? Discover the cinema selection of Figaro.

Ennio Have

Documentary by Giuseppe Tornatore, 2h36

This unpublished documentary by Giuseppe Tornatore retraces the extraordinary career of the genius of film music. Celebrated and recognized during his lifetime, Morricone, a prolific composer (500 soundtracks in half a century), who died just two years ago, sees himself canonized by the film. The film unveils some of the audacity he squeezed into seemingly innocuous songs. From a commercial constraint, he will have made an art. And this to the great displeasure of his music masters as well as his contemporaries, in search of a more “noble” respectability. Ennio Morricone talks very well about his music, his working method and his concepts of deconstructing harmony. river movie, Ennio suffers from a few lengths at the end, in particular a concert of somewhat cutesy praises which we would have done without. Listening to music has long been enough to convince us of the genius of this prodigious artist. WE

Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru – Have

Animation by Kyle Balda, Brad Ableson, Jonathan Del Val,

First imagined as simple comic commas to humanize Gru, the endearing antihero of Me, ugly and mean released in 2010, the Minions roundly stole the show from their master. The young Gru is now 12 years old and dreams of only one thing: to become a super-villain like his idols of the moment, the Machiavellian Vicious Six. Will Karnage is the undisputed leader. When he has just stolen an amulet with terrifying magical powers, hidden deep in the equatorial jungle, his colleagues betray him and take the precious loot away. As the gang has made a name for itself on the name of the Vicious Six, it becomes urgent to recruit a new member to maintain its reputation. Concentrated on 1h20, this little gem of slap stick by Kyle Balda plays the card of non-stop action to the fullest, sprinkled with a subversive and referential humor, which backfires like the final bouquet of a joyful fireworks display. OD

After Yang- Have

Science fiction by Kogonada, 1h36

Jake (Colin Farrell) and Kyra have adopted a Chinese girl. So that she is not too out of place, they offered her an android who knows a lot of details about China. Mika considers Yang as his brother (gossips will say Big Brother). He quotes Lao-tseu, collects butterflies, explains to him what a family tree is, takes a family photo. The mechanical butler is discreet, serene, almost too perfect. Yang fills in the gaps, gives the teenager the affection that her parents neglect to give her. There will be a problem. The machine breaks down. Yang breaks down. Kogonada works on the form, refines the frame, takes care of the decorations. This is high precision. With this story, he signs a moving and polished film. IN.

peter von kant – You can see

Drama by François Ozon, 1h25

François Ozon pays homage to Fassbinder by offering a very personal rereading of his film released in 1972, The Bitter Tears of Petra go Kant. Petra, the fashion designer, becomes Peter, a homosexual, narcissistic and neurotic director. Black leather vest on red shirt, Denis Ménochet, already excellent in Thanks to God, proves that he is never as good as at Ozon, with or without a mustache. In his loft with red lacquered walls, between two glasses of gin and tonic, he spends his time humiliating Karl, a mute and docile assistant. Amir (Khalil Gharbia) becomes Peter’s new lover/actor. Peter, possessive Pygmalion, will end up very unhappy. peter go kant is a self-portrait of the artist as a drama queen. It shouldn’t be taken too seriously. E.S.

Crescendo– To avoid

Drama by Dror Zahavi, 1h42

In 1999, Daniel Baremboim founded an orchestra bringing together Israeli and Arab musicians. The film is inspired by this great initiative. Rather, caricature. The execution lacks finesse. The characters fall into excess as soon as they evoke the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Only the maestro, embodied by the actor of Toni Erdman, Peter Simonischek is doing quite well. BP

The Holy Spirit – To avoid

Drama by Chema Garcia Ibarra, 1h37

In Elche, a Spanish village lost in the desert, the enthusiasts of the ufology club are upset: their master Julio is dead. In the meantime, little girls are disappearing… With his deceptively fantastic plot and his troupe of non-professional actors, the filmmaker leads us on a boat. Alas, the strangeness of the subject, drowned in banality ends up tiring. The hard landing in a sordid reality falls flat. Shame… OD


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