Enhance your audiovisual experience with FPT Television decoder generation 4

FPT Television has introduced the 4th generation TV decoder FPT TV 4K FX6 with upgraded equipment and hardware, helping customers to enjoy a diverse entertainment warehouse and a complete audiovisual experience.

Exquisite appearance, integrated features

Talking about the design of the decoder, FPT TV 4K FX6 is inspired by the image of a pebble in the stream bed, with soft curves. The new decoder has a square box, beveled edges, minimizing the size of the height and width, making the device suitable for a variety of spaces.

The large-sized notification light design but brings convenience with moderate brightness, helping users easily recognize the operating status of the device. Compared with many box designs on the market, the new device of FPT Television is different in subtle white and gray tones. When placed in the appropriate position, the decoder is also a beautiful decoration for the homeowner. Not only that, the decoder can also be hung on different surfaces with a hook on the bottom.

Remote control (remote control) is a combination of modern and traditional usage. Users still get the number of keys to switch channels quickly, while still manipulating the device quickly thanks to the navigation keys, the “Home” button or the “Back” key like a remote control on a new Smart TV.

Although FPT TV 4K FX6 decoder is compact, it still ensures the basic connection ports, including: LAN port connecting to the internet; HDMI 2.0 port accesses 4K quality images and international standard sound; USB port for accessing content from other storage devices.

At the same time, the hardware of the device has been upgraded to meet the increasing demand of users. FPT TV 4K FX6 uses Realtek 4K 1395 chipset platform with quad-core 1.5 Ghz CPU, 1 GB of RAM. Devices running Linux operating system, with integrated YouTube app certified by Google for compatibility and full functionality.

In addition, users can still play personal content from the USB port through external storage devices, meeting all sources of content other than Smart TV.

FPT TV 4K FX6 also has the ability to link with smart TV models from Samsung, LG and Sony … allowing users to simply turn on the remote to use the decoder. From there, users can use the controls to quickly switch channels, manipulate some quick access features such as choosing a favorite channel list, viewing details of current and upcoming content …

In addition, the main interface on FPT Television has been upgraded to help users easily access their favorite content. AI technology personalizes and recommends real-time content. From there, users can immediately watch movies, football, music …

Enhance your audiovisual experience with FPT Television decoder generation 4

The content is diverse and attractive

Notably, in the introduction of this new decoder, FPT Television focuses on developing 5 popular categories, including: Feature Film, Entertainment, Live, Sports, Children and Play or Chia.

Enhance your audiovisual experience with FPT Television decoder generation 4

Movie is an application with many improvements. Accordingly, FPT Television has changed the access interface to a modern and youthful part. Along with that, FPT Television continuously updates new movies and films in the domestic and international markets. In particular, this unit aims to conquer customers with a series of Korean-Chinese films that are copyrighted, screened parallel to the international market and soon in Vietnam.

Direct is an interesting application and a strong point of FPT Television. Accessing the application, users can easily follow the live broadcast schedule of many domestic and international programs, notably the regional and world-class football tournaments such as Serie A, FA Cup … The different live content is distributed according to each separate topic, easy to search and select. Notably, FPT Television also applies a unique multicam feature, helping viewers choose the angle they want when the programs are live.

Sports is an app that continues to make improvements this time around. With contrasting colors, when accessing the application, viewers will immediately feel excited about different sports tournaments. After the live stream, the match content will be sent to this application for convenience.

In addition, FPT Television also produces a lot of content on the sidelines of tournaments, helping to update new information that viewers are interested in. From 2021, FPT Television will provide viewers with football tournaments under the Asian Football Federation – AFC, including the final round of World Cup 2022 with the participation of Vietnam.

Equally important, Children is an application that is invested and cannot be ignored by FPT Television. This is an application designed exclusively for children in every family. With this application, FPT Television invests in select programs, special content, providing young audiences with useful information such as learning English, learning good things, children’s music or animated movies. new image …

FPT Television also introduced to customers a new application called Play or Chia. Accessing the application, users can participate in interactive knowledge gameshow directly through controls, win the opportunity to own cash up to 6 million VND. The program will be held at 8 pm every Tuesday and Thursday night.

Targeting content for everyone, FPT Television provides tools to help supervise children by limiting suitable viewing content, or like setting time allowed for TV use. In addition, users can also watch TV channels for up to 48 hours, so as not to miss the content, or view the current channel’s schedule in hours of the day.

Currently, the FPT TV 4K FX6 decoder has been provided to new customers from December 2020. Existing customers can request to exchange new equipment at preferential prices at FPT Telecom branches nationwide.

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