Engineers “flagging” Vietnamese intellectual property in America

The strategy of mastering the high-tech industry with a world-parallel level is the foundation for Viettel engineers to flag in the US with 4 patents protected by intellectual property.

Nguyen Trung Tien is one of the young and promising engineers of Viettel High Technology Industry Corporation (VHT). He is currently the main engineer in the Broadband Mobile Original Band Signal Processing Department (Broadband Radio Equipment Research Center – VHT).

For Tien, a telecommunications engineer’s job is not merely operating and maintaining ordinary equipment. Instead, this engineer was given a greater responsibility, participating in a project of special importance to Viettel, deciding to write Vietnam on the World Technology map.

The task of Tien and the working group is to optimize the products of eNodeB 4G transmitting stations produced by Viettel. The requirement is that these base stations must be of the same quality as those of major suppliers such as Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei … when put into operation on the network.

Research by VHT engineers has contributed significantly to the successful production of Make in Vietnam products.

Vietnamese people hold the key to technology of the telecommunications industry

In the telecommunication systems in general and the eNodeB system in particular, the control of the power of the receiver is very important. This detail will directly affect the quality and throughput of the whole system.

Currently, there are some solutions from device manufacturers such as Nokia, Erisson, and Huawei that also use this method, however, due to the use of wide spectrum in a cell, 4G LTE network is very susceptible to interference between components. All devices in the network are only initialized to the same initial capacity despite different terrain and environment. This leads to uncontrolled control capabilities, high noise and poor reception, and error prone telecommunications networks.

Engineers “flagging” Vietnamese intellectual property in America.

Sharing his invention, Tien said that the system set up according to this method is capable of correcting and controlling the power of the receiver line, providing optimum efficiency when it is compatible with each type of transmission medium, overcoming the disadvantages of slow variation with old controls, improving the quality of the network in particular and the network KPIs in general. This is also the key to solving the problem throughout the optimization process and is also one of the great technology secrets that Vendors hold and implement differently, bringing VHT into the ranks of “big Vendors” capable of self-optimize the deployment network made by the equipment they produce.

Intellectual imprints of Vietnam on international maps

Talking about the most memorable memory in the research process, Tien said it was not a successful moment but a sad one in a failed trial.

At that time, the invention formula in Tien’s invention clearly showed the superiority in the simulation process, but the results did not meet expectations when deployed in practice. This put the team under a great pressure if they do not want to “delete the team, uproot the station”.

Vietnam is currently one of the first six countries in the world to successfully develop 5G products.

“We only have a month to change and improve or it’s all going to have to be stopped. I myself are sometimes pushed into the state of having to answer the question “exist or not exist”. The group continuously stayed up all night in the field, building simulation models and monitoring to recalculate the parameters. Fortunately, these efforts have led to success, ”he said.

With 8 document editing times, 2 years from the idea embryo to the date of being granted, Tien thinks that the invention is not merely a measure of the time of application and implementation, but the process of when products reach customers and receive good feedback, as well as business performance.

According to Mr. Tien, it is that vision that has helped nourish in him and his colleagues the desire to Make in Vietnam. Although Vietnam has been behind the world for a long time, Vietnam can completely do the things that the world has done and even the things that no one has done yet.

Tuan Nghia


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