“Enercool”, paints that lower the temperature of buildings

“It’s my job” comes back all summer on 40 original business ideas, business creations that respond to the times. Wednesday, July 19, the portrait of Maxime Claval, whose paintings allow the air conditioning bill to drop by 30%.

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Reflective paints, capable of reflecting heat, and in particular infrared to lower the temperature of buildings, the process already exists, especially in the United States. Maxime Claval founded Enercool in Nantes, to spread this technology throughout France.

“These are paints that are applied to roofs and which will lower the temperature in buildings between 3°C and 6°C.”

Maxime Claval

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Maxime Claval and his two partners come from the world of start-ups, from the digital world. To launch Enercool, it was necessary to rely on the know-how of an industrialist. “Precisely we co-developed it. I am a thermal engineer on the energy saving and building understanding part. We teamed up with a paint manufacturer who has been able to make paint for 40 – 50 years and we have co-developed the paint together to establish a new paint formula”, explains Maxime Claval.

The manufacturer manufactures, and the Enercool team sells, in particular to individuals who want to see the temperature of their home drop or their air conditioning bill drop by 30% This company sells mEven tiles or slates and Enercool provides colored paints. The three partners already live from their business. They are not alone in the niche, they have competition. The young company is already aiming abroad to develop. Even if only in France, the market is huge.

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