Employment: these workers who retrained during the crisis

The crisis that affected France has pushed part of its population to retrain to continue working. This is particularly the case for Charlene Leone: waitress, she found herself on short-time work when bars and restaurants closed. If she receives 1,000 euros each month with unemployment, she completes the shortfall by working as a temporary worker. The 21-year-old has become an order picker. “These are new actions because it’s not at all what we are used to doing in restaurants“, she confides.

Kévin Jegoudez had opened a bar dedicated to hip-hop and street-art. But with the closure of bars and restaurants in France, he was forced to sell his establishment despite the 130,000 euros loan guaranteed by the state. From now on, he has reconverted: he has become a salesman of dietetic products for a major brand of food supplements.

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