Employment: these companies that recruit

At 57, Lionel Sutter has just landed a CDI at Murfy, a household appliance reconditioning company. The repair market is booming with the crisis so thanks to these new customers, the company has recruited 50 people since this summer, and 150 more are scheduled for 2021. The group will even launch its own training center in a months, because certain trades have become very popular. Among them, maintenance technicians, salespeople or weight drivers-heavy but also the retail trades. Carrefour has announced 15,000 recruitments in 2021, Lidl 3,000.

In Europe too, companies are recruiting. In Germany, “who found the same job prospects as in early 2020“, according to a Manpower survey, hiring intentions climb to + 8%, reports Jean-Paul Chapel, journalist France Televisions, on the 20 Hours plateau. For Ireland, intentions increase by 7% while in Belgium They are up 6%, while some countries will lose jobs, in particular Spain (-1%) and at the very bottom of the European ranking, the United Kingdom, with a drop of 6%.

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