Employment: the crisis has made employees less loyal to their company

Stay in the same company? A choice increasingly questioned by employees. Almost one in two, 45%, see today, since the health crisis, less reason to stay in the same company. They are more and more numerous to have no qualms about looking for work elsewhere while being in post. Almost one in two employees, according to a study carried out by OpinionWay for Microsoft, admits being actively seeking while he has a job. The youngest employees, those under 35, are the most unfaithful: 55% of them consider it easier to send their CVs to other companies since the health crisis. As if the crisis had broken a psychological lock, had broken an attachment that was stronger in the past.

One category of employees is more likely to leave the ship than the others. With them, companies are in a way touching the currency of the coin. The most unfaithful are those who could work remotely, but to whom their society refuses telework. Nearly 60% find less and less reason to stay. And for those who telecommute, if their company asked them to come back 100% of the time, it would deal a fatal blow to their sense of loyalty. In Ile-de-France, more than one in two would be tempted to leave.

The values ​​of the company are also very heavy in the desire to stay or to leave. Themes like equality, diversity and inclusion are no longer empty values ​​and banners that the company waves to look pretty. Young people and women are particularly sensitive to it. If their company went against these values, 40% of employees under 35 and 40% of women would be ready to resign. 80% of all employees would feel affected.

To make them want to stay, their business must also modernize.
The feeling of loyalty is also linked to the simplicity of the daily tasks to be performed at work. To make them want to stay, for example, employees want it to be easier to search for data, to be able to share information more easily and even for their company to allow them to exchange within the framework of virtual worlds, through an avatar. In short, for people to want to stay there, the company must reinvent itself.

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