Employment: start-ups recruit more than traditional companies

France, a start-up nation? For the first time, an INSEE study examines the constellation of these young dynamic companies. Companies less than eight years old whose health seems to be flourishing this year, since they have already raised 3.6 billion euros in 2021, or 41% more than last year, according to a recent study by EY. But the stars of this category should not be forgotten that, overall, the average turnover of start-ups is relatively low: only 277,000 euros, of which a minimal share, 6%, is exported.
Women constitute only 40% of the workforce, while they are 48% of the working population. Start-up employees are young, 34 years old on average.

In so-called innovative start-ups, ie those which have benefited from research and development or innovation aid, no less than half of the positions are occupied by executives and engineers. This is 20 points more than in traditional companies.

More than a third of them are located in Ile-de-France, 12% are in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and 9% in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. But in these employment pools, they find it difficult to recruit. Start-ups are, more than other companies, faced with recruitment difficulties. Between 55 and 64% of these companies, depending on the category in which INSEE has placed them, fear not being able to hire for technical jobs. However, they create on average more jobs than traditional companies, even if the health crisis has reduced their workforce. Up to minus 14% for the most dynamic start-ups.

In young shoots who have raised funds, we earn a better living than elsewhere. Executives earn on average 3,000 euros more per year than in traditional companies. It is therefore the companies that have raised funds that we must target if we want to earn a good living, because in other start-ups, the vast majority of them, salaries are lower than in companies. classic. Suddenly, young shoots compensate by offering a lot of permanent contracts, to attract and retain talent.

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