Employment: intermediate professions very dissatisfied with their remuneration

Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, the boss of Medef, said it a few days ago: we can hope for wage increases in 2022. The survey conducted by Viavoice for Ugict-CGT, which is the CGT union of executives and technicians, confirms it: there is a very strong demand from this category of employees.

Nurses, pharmacy technicians, educators, technicians, supervisors or civil servants: about their remuneration, the survey measures a very strong dissatisfaction, unprecedented in recent years, according to the CGT.
So much so that almost all of them, 83%, are calling for general increases. Why ? Because there is a big gap between what they give and what they receive.

Thus, 73% consider that their remuneration is out of step with their involvement. That’s ten points more than last year. 66%, two-thirds, believe that what they earn is not related to their workload. That’s nine points more than last year. And finally 61% consider that their remuneration is out of step with their responsibilities. Again this is an increase of ten points compared to 2020.

Two-thirds of them say their workload has increased. More than half of them work overtime, especially in the hospital public service. And for a good part of them, those hours are not paid. The working time of technicians and intermediate professions is well over 35 hours, according to this study. We even find 19% who say they work more than 45 hours, beyond the maximum duration defined by law.

According to forecasts from a consulting firm, we could expect increases of 2% next year. Businesses, as has been the case for a number of years now, would favor individual increases to the detriment of general increases.

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