Employment: close-up on Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

Forget The Spanish inn, Erasmus is also aimed at young entrepreneurs. The idea is to allow them to train with another, more experienced entrepreneur, elsewhere in Europe. Not only in Europe, moreover, since the Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs, also called EYE (its acronym in English), also allows you to go to the United States, Canada, Singapore and Israel.

We can leave between one and six months, and we have a grant for that. The amount depends on the country in which you are leaving: at least 530 euros per month, for countries whose cost of living is modest, such as Bulgaria or Moldova. And a maximum of 1,100 euros for more distant destinations.

All you need is a well-crafted project to benefit from this program, that is to say a business plan, a well-defined business plan. You can also have already created your start-up, and it must then be less than three months old. We then contact what Erasmus calls an intermediary body, the list of which can be found on the Erasmus website for young entrepreneurs.

France is not very well endowed with intermediary organisations. There are only nine, three of which are in Paris. Italy and Spain have many more. This explains why they send many more young entrepreneurs outside their borders than France. It is the intermediary organization that helps to find the host company and makes the connection.

Whoever leaves will be able to test their idea, learn techniques, get feedback when precisely one of the difficulties when you create your company is loneliness. He finds a mentor with whom he will build lasting relationships. The two parties agree on a mode of operation. The entrepreneur who travels, for example, puts himself at the service of the one who welcomes him one day a week, and the rest of the time he works remotely on his own project. For the host entrepreneur, it is a free labor force that arrives. And also a way to open up to a new country, with the aim of expanding its activities there in the future.

The future of Erasmus for young entrepreneurs is very open since the European Commission has just increased by 45% the envelope it devotes to this program. More and more young entrepreneurs will be able to train abroad.

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