Employment: 2,300 jobs will be cut at Michelin

Michelin has 21,000 employees in France. In three years, there will be 2,300 fewer. All French sites are affected by these job cuts, which represent 11% of the workforce. The tire giant explained, Wednesday January 6, wanting to gain in competitiveness. Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme), cradle of the company, records half of departures.

It’s a shock, because, if we expected a rationalization of the workforce in Clermont-Ferrand, announced by the group, we did not expect this to affect all French factories.“, Jerome laments Lorton, central south union representative at Michelin. Today, we lack truck tires, we cannot serve customers“, explains José Arrieta, CGT – Michelin trade unionist. There will be no redundancies, but early retirement in 60% of cases, assured management.

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