Employers will soon be able to impose up to eight days of paid leave to their employees

The Giens peninsula in the Var, May 13, 2021 (B. ROMANKIEWICZ / MAXPPP)

An employer should soon be able to require employees to take eight days off. The ordinance was modified in the Assembly and will pass this Thursday, May 27 in the Senate, but its content should not change. It is for employees, on the other hand, that there could be a change in the dates of vacation.

If he wishes, your boss will be able to force you to take up to eight days off when he deems it appropriate for the smooth running of the business. Until now, and since March 2020, he had the decision-making power over six days of vacation. This measure was extended until September 31. It was supposed to run until the end of October, but the Modem deputies put pressure to shorten this period. And it is reinforced: it is no longer six, but eight days which are at the employer’s discretion. Please note: if your employer has already forced you to take six days, he can only add two days.

The employer will be able to force his employees to take days on the dates he has chosen. More annoying, it can also deny you days when they are already set, or modify them. The rule that spouses can take their leave at the same time is also suspended. However, this requires that the employer has negotiated with the employee representatives or that there has been a branch agreement if there are no representatives in the company. It cannot therefore be a unilateral decision by the employer.

One point that can make people cringe: the notice period for modifying leave dates goes from one month to only one clear day. This means that your employer can notify you on Monday for holidays that would start on Wednesday.

This measure concerns employees who have been on partial unemployment for a long time and who, throughout this time, have continued to accumulate days of leave. The counter did not indeed stop. The risk is that employees will go on vacation when they return to work. The public authorities wanted to give employers the means to guarantee the continuity of their activity.

The same rule applies for RTTs. The possibility for a boss to force you to take ten days of RTT or to draw ten days from your time savings account is extended until the end of September. And there, no need to agree.

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