Employees spied on at Ikea: the prosecution requires a year in prison against a former CEO of the brand

The prosecutor also demanded a fine of 2 million euros against Ikea France.

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“An exemplary sentence” required by the prosecution. After five days of a sometimes stormy river trial, the Versailles prosecutor’s office requested, Tuesday, March 30, a one-year prison sentence against one of the former CEOs of Ikea France, accused of having spied on several hundred of employees. The prosecutor also asked for a fine of 2 million euros against the sign.

Revealed by the press and then investigated in 2012, this case brought to light a system of monitoring employees and sometimes even customers of the French branch of the Swedish giant. The defendants are appearing for acts committed between 2009 and 2012, although some date back to 2000.

The prosecutor, Paméla Tabardel, required three years’ imprisonment, two of which were suspended for the former CEO of the company Jean-Louis Baillot, in office from 1996 to 2009. “I wish a sentence that marks the life of Jean-Louis Baillot”, she explained, claiming that the “initiated policy” by the former manager had affected the lives of at least 400 employees who were the subject of“private inquiries”.

“The challenge” of this trial is the one “the protection of our private lives against a threat, that of mass surveillance”, declared the prosecutor in front of the criminal court. “Ikea France is not the only one” to have resorted to this type of surveillance practices, she added. The company defended itself last Friday, claiming to be “in opposition” with these methods. The trial continues on Tuesday with the defense pleadings.

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