Employees do not return to their hometown, many mobile stores open for sale through Tet

31/01/2022 10:32 GMT+7

Large systems are closed for the holidays, but some large chains have just opened during Tet to welcome customers.

Talking to ICTnews, major systems such as The Gioi Di Dong, FPT Shop said that Tet holiday from December 29 (FPT Shop closes from the afternoon of the 29th), reopens for sale on the 4th. Particularly, some smaller chains will opened with a certain number of stores, partly due to an increase in the number of employees who did not return to their hometown to celebrate Tet.

About 20 CellphoneS and Vui Phone stores will be open for sale all day on New Year’s Day. According to this chain, this year, more people will stay in cities to celebrate Tet, so they open to serve groups of customers who do not return to their hometown.

This system recognizes that people stay in the city partly because of difficulties in traveling, many localities have requirements to isolate people from epidemic areas, and many families are also worried about spreading the disease to their loved ones. In addition, this year the epidemic break lasted for more than 3 months, causing many people to have difficulty in income, having to stay for Tet to earn more.

Many mobile stores open through Tet 2022.

Due to the general difficult situation, the sales staff of the phone stores also faced difficulties, so the number of people staying in the city also increased.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan, who runs the Minh Tuan Mobile chain, said that this year, half of the stores will be open for sale, higher than last year.

“Because this year the number of employees registered to stay is more. If they stay, I’ll open a shop.”Mr. Tuan said.

Viet Mobile chain also opened 5 stores in Ho Chi Minh City, 1 store in Hanoi to serve during Tet. According to Mr. Dat Nguyen, director of this chain, this year the staff stayed a lot, so the store opened so they could have a place to work and earn more income.

“The turnover is probably half of the normal day, but it is also open so that customers in urgent need of shopping or repair can also have a place to visit”Mr. Dat shared.

In recent years, customers have gotten used to the store being open during Tet, so they also come to buy goods, especially 4-5 years ago when opening on New Year’s Day, sometimes there was a loss due to having to pay higher employee income than usual – Mr. Dat explained.

Due to the influence of the epidemic and this year’s expansion, CellphoneS had difficulty in personnel, in order to prepare for Tet, right from the first days of October 2021, this chain has recruited and trained a large number of people. New staff. Up to the present time, the personnel problem is basically stable.

“Besides, because more than 60% of employees this year stayed in the city and did not return to celebrate Tet, the opening of Tet sales is more convenient.”Mr. Nguyen Lac Huy – representative of CellphoneS told ICTnews.

Regarding goods for Tet, after a period of shortage, most products have stabilized again.

Realizing that Tet sales were higher than the same period last year, but the epidemic affected people’s incomes, retailers said that sales did not increase as strongly as expected.


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