Employees are committed to making their business greener

Plastic cups in businesses are being replaced by mugs. (CATHERINE GRAIN / COMMUNICATION / RADIO FRANCE)

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They each worked in their own corner without knowing each other. In recent days they have felt less alone. An association called Les Collectifs now brings together some 3,500 employees from 27 companies, especially among the largest, to carry out joint actions to green their businesses. Axa, Michelin, EDF, Vinci, IBM, Suez: groups of employees everywhere are trying to change their business from within. The idea is to unite these forces.

At IBM, for example, the Bee Green collective worked on eco-gestures. It was he who made it possible to replace plastic cups with mugs. He did away with disposable bottles in favor of gourds. But it does not stop there. Bee Green is also interested in the core business. This association of employees offers half-day workshops to redefine professions by integrating the environment. Same story with Michelin. As the Novethic site reports, the collective wants “challenge your business and play a role in reorienting the business model”. Just that. Their logic is that the more there are, the better they will get there.

This new federation of green employees ensures that 10% of employees are enough to change the company. They want to start by exchanging information; set up conferences and training cycles by sector of activity to disseminate good practices, for example; set up tools to measure the carbon footprint and pollution emissions. One of their arguments is to say that companies that succeed in their ecological transition will be more attractive to consumers, to investors, but also to employees. Clearly, if you want to attract and retain talent, you will have to change.

A group of students from the grandes écoles has already embarked on this path through the Student Manifesto for an Ecological Awakening, initiated by students from the best business and engineering schools. Students who refuse to get involved in companies whose activity contributes to the acceleration of climate change or the depletion of resources.


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