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Emmanuel Macron suggests a reopening of universities in January

The psychological and social distress of part of the youth in the face of the isolation and the economic crisis linked to Covid-19 were palpable through the questions addressed to the Head of State by the raw media community, acclaimed by the 18 at 35.

What is Brut, the media to which Emmanuel Macron will give an interview?

After police violence, secularism or ecology, the situation of students and the reopening of universities and grandes écoles, whose classes have been suspended since the end of October, were at the heart of the questions. Many, like Thibault, did not understand that Emmanuel Macron had announced November 24 that university courses would resume in early February, two weeks after the return of the gauge to 100% face-to-face in high schools, on January 20.

Discrimination, police violence … What Emmanuel Macron said about Brut

Resume by “adapting to the terrain”

“We will try to resume earlier”, reaffirmed the Head of State, who had already spoken the day before on the subject, with “More tutorials (tutorials) in person” and resuming “Maybe, if the numbers are good at the beginning of January (stay below 5,000 daily Covid infections, Editor’s note), lessons but in half-amphitheater ».

He recalled that discussions had started the day before on this subject with the university community with the concern of “Adapt to the terrain”, the size of the auditoriums and the types of “Places of common life”, implied by being more careful for the canteen.

The university community “Confident”

At the end of a meeting the day before with Prime Minister Jean Castex, Gilles Roussel, the president of the Conference of University Presidents (CPU), had shown himself confident. ” There is a real desire to start gradually resuming lessons from the beginning of January, if the health situation permits ”, he told Agence France-Presse.

At university, priority for first year students

“We are going to work with the Ministry of Higher Education on a plan to resume activity in early January, gradually, he continued, by targeting first priority audiences, ie the most vulnerable students at risk of dropping out on a massive scale, new baccalaureate graduates, foreign students and students with disabilities ”, he continued.

“I understand this moral suffering”

A journalist from Brut also relayed testimonies of young people met in a clandestine party, aware that they were violating health measures but believing that it was for them a “Question of survival”.

“I have no moral lesson to give, and I will not encourage them either, but I understand this moral suffering when you are a student, far from your family, in precarious conditions He replied, inviting them to “Innovate and invent” other forms of conviviality.

“There are holes in the racket”

The Head of State was then questioned on the presence of more and more students in food distributions, the stopping of odd jobs, the social distress of part of the youth. Emmanuel Macron recalled the measures put in place, such as exceptional aid for the most vulnerable, the 1 euro meal at the Crous or the “1jeune1solution” employment support platform.

1jeune1solution: a platform for youth employment

Rejecting the idea of ​​an RSA for those under 25, which did not correspond to his conception of “Relationship to work”, he felt that it was necessary to review and adapt the student support systems because “There were holes in the racket”. He also announced a “Improvement of the stock exchange system”, and, ” without a doubt “, a “New exceptional aid in the face of the precariousness of young people”, of 150 euros.

Recruitment of psychologists and social workers

For his part, in a press release published on Friday evening, Matignon notably announced “Strengthening resources in university health services by recruiting 80 psychologists and in social services by recruiting 60 social workers for the next six months”.


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