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Emergency due to Corona virus in Malaysia, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yasin in crisis may get relief

Kuala Lumpur The King of Malaysia has stamped the Emergency for Corona Virus on Tuesday, which will suspend Parliament for at least August. This will put a stop to all efforts to hold a general election to remove the crisis-ridden Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yasin and he will get relief.

Muhyiddin, in a speech on television, assured the citizens that this emergency is “not a military coup and curfew will not be imposed.” The emergency will continue till August or earlier, a decision will be taken in view of the situation.

Sudden emergency was declared
The emergency has been declared suddenly. A day earlier, Muhyiddin announced that Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s largest city, Putrajaya, the administrative capital, and five high-risk cities would have an almost lockdown-like situation, starting on Wednesday and continuing for two weeks.

All this happened at a time when the United Malay National Organization, the largest party in the ruling coalition, has threatened to withdraw support from Muhayiddin, so that general elections can be held ahead of time.

Declaration of emergency cannot be challenged in court
Muhyiddin has said that on getting relief from the epidemic, when the elections will be safe, then he will hold the general elections. Earlier, a state of emergency was declared in Malaysia in 1969 when hundreds of people lost their lives in racial riots.

The declaration of emergency by the King of Malaysia cannot be challenged in court. Earlier, King Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah had refused Muhyiddin’s request to declare emergency in October.

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