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Emergency accident averted in US, Colorado, emergency landing on commercial plane

In America, Colorado, a terrible accident narrowly averted. An emergency landing has been made here when a commercial plane’s engine caught fire. It is being told that one of the engines of the plane caught fire as soon as it took flight from the runway. Due to which there was a lot of chaos in the plane. On the other hand, the pilot of the plane made a safe emergency landing of the plane, showing understanding. Two hundred and forty-one people, including crew members, were riding in this plane.

In fact, after a Boeing 777 flight in the United States (USA) on Sunday, a major accident has narrowly avoided. Giving information about the accident, the officials said that immediately after takeoff, the right engine of the plane caught fire. Due to which the emergency landing of the plane had to be made. All passengers and crew members traveling on the plane are safe. He told that the plane took off from Denver International Airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration said that the flight to Honolulu was safely taken off after a fire broke out in the right engine. The flight’s engine caught fire immediately after takeoff from Denver International Airport. Meanwhile, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have begun an investigation to find out the cause of the engine failure.

At present, most of the passengers were nervous when the engine of the plane caught fire. At the same time, a passenger made a video of the plane’s engine on fire on his mobile. Which he has also shared on social media. After this, the video is becoming very fast on social media.

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