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Elon Musk underwent corona test four times in a single day

Millions of people have lost their lives due to the corona epidemic, while millions of people are still undergoing treatment in hospitals. The corona epidemic is increasing worldwide. In this case, it has become necessary for everyone to get corona test done. In such a situation, the chief executive officer of SpaceX and Telsa has informed that he got his corona test done four times in a single day. In this test, they have been found to be negative twice and positive twice.

Questions raised on corona testing

Musk has questioned Corona Testing. They have said that something is going wrong. Many people have also been concerned by Musk questioning the Corona testing. Let us tell you that Musk gave a statement in March, in which he said that not a single case of Corona will be in America till April. At the same time, America has become the country most affected by the Corona epidemic.

Musk tweeted

On Thursday, Ellen Mask tweeted with her Twitter handle, “Something is going wrong. Today I was tested four times in which the test was negative twice and twice positive. Same machine, same test and same nurse. Rapid antigen Test from BD. ” After the tweet by Musk, a user asked him if this is the reason why matters have increased. To this, Musk replied that what is happening to him can also happen to someone else.

Corona virus outbreak increased in America

Let us tell you that 11,226,038 people have been infected in the US so far, while 2,51,256 have died so far. At the same time, 40,83,767 cases are active. Apart from this, a total of 68,91,015 people have been cured so far.

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Corona had 5.75 lakh cases in the world yesterday, 8807 patients died, 1.5 million people infected right now

Corona active cases in America increased to 40 lakh, 2.51 lakh patients died so far, 1.57 lakh cases in 24 hours


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