Elon Musk sets the time to send Americans back to the Moon

SpaceX has received a contract to supply NASA’s spacecraft to bring people back to the Moon worth $ 2.89 billion. Both sides expect the trip to take place within the next three years.

On August 14, Elon Musk boasted on Twitter that the Starship spacecraft, the vehicle to return NASA astronauts to the Moon, will be ready by 2024.

When asked about SpaceX’s expected schedule, he said that it is likely that the Starship will be completed sooner. Previously, NASA set a goal of returning astronauts to the Moon in 2024.

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Elon Musk’s spacecraft will return astronauts to the Moon after more than 50 years. Photo: SpaceX.

Follow Business Insider, Elon Musk’s optimistic prediction is the next milestone in the process of making this billionaire’s dream come true. He often mentioned the goal of using his huge fortune to conquer places as far away as Mars, the Moon.

Last week, when he learned that NASA was delayed in developing a new spacesuit, a protective suit for astronauts that might not be completed before 2025, Musk announced that he was ready to participate in production if needed.

In April, SpaceX won a contract worth 2.89 billion USD of NASA to design and build the Moon lander. The consortium’s bid won out against two competitors, including a team represented by Blue Origin.

After the results were available, Jeff Bezos’ private aerospace company spoke out against it. The contract was suspended pending a report from the US Government Accountability Review Agency (GAO).

On July 30, GAO rejected Blue Origin’s opinion. According to reporter Michael Sheetz of CNBC, that same day, SpaceX was paid by NASA 300 million USD to carry out this project. On Twitter, Sheetz also predicted the Starship would be ready by 2024.

Immediately after the GAO’s conclusion, NASA adjusted the schedule for returning astronauts to the Moon after more than 50 years. The agency aims to fly Artemis – as the mission is called – in 2023 and officially land on the Moon in 2024.

In the overview of Artemis, NASA says 2024 is not an arbitrary milestone. It is the earliest possible time, and is also on the route to conquering space targets, with the next destination being Mars.

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