Elon Musk lost $ 15 billion in just one day to Bitcoin

23/02/2021 16:01 GMT + 7

Elon Musk once again lost the richest title in the world to Jeff Bezos because of the shocking drop in Bitcoin price.

Elon Musk lost $ 15 billion as Tesla shares fell 8.6%. Photo: Bloomberg

Elon Musk is no longer the richest man in the world after Tesla shares fell 8.6% on February 22, causing him to “lose” $ 15.2 billion. The biggest drop of Tesla since September 2020 “has the merit” of Musk himself. Over the weekend, he tweeted that the prices of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies “seemed too high.” The comment came just two weeks after Tesla announced an investment of $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin.

According to Bloomberg’s 500 Billionaire Ranking, Musk’s net worth fell from $ 210 billion in January to $ 183.4 billion. founder Jeff Bezos, meanwhile, regained the top spot even if his fortune faked $ 3.7 billion, down $ 186.3 billion that same day.

The two billionaires have been replacing each other on the rankings since the beginning of this year according to the volatility of Tesla’s stock price. Musk overtook Bezos after rocket company SpaceX raised $ 850 million in early February, bringing its market capitalization to $ 74 billion, a 60% increase from August 2020. Bezos held the title of richest man in the world three years in a row until January after Tesla’s stock rose 794%.

Du Lam (According to Bloomberg)

Bitcoin's price dropped shocking after Bill Gates' stormy statement

Bitcoin’s price dropped shocking after Bill Gates’ stormy statement

From an all-time high of $ 58,000, the price of Bitcoin has dropped by a shocking $ 10,000 in just 10 hours.


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