Elon Musk just wants to identify himself as an engineer

Elon Musk asks candidates for writing skills, giving many examples of personal experience, comparability, and the entire thinking process.

Elon Musk’s ex-wife, Justine Musk, once shared her personal opinion on how the tech CEO hires.

“When Elon and I travel, we have to fill out forms at the customs about our profession, Elon never wrote down ‘CEO’, ‘King of the World’ or ‘a player.’ international stature eager to learn ‘. Instead, he wrote’ Engineer ‘, “Justine recalls.

Indeed, deep in his heart, the famous and visionary tech CEO, Elon Musk, doesn’t want to identify himself as a great business leader or a rich man. He simply sees himself as a problem solver.

It is this factor that makes the Elon Musk ecosystem attracting a lot of interest and countless talents. The smartest and most capable people applied for positions at Tesla and SpaceX, they simply wanted to work with Elon Musk to come up with solutions to the world’s toughest problems.

So how do Musk and his company determine who will be potential candidates? Among so many elites, how do they differentiate between the best of the best?

Musk recently shared a job offer on his Twitter. He invited “good engineers” to apply to work at “Gigafactory Berlin”, a battery factory in Germany belonging to Tesla Corporation.

Elon Musk uses him 1

The size of the Gigafactory Berlin in Germany of the Tesla Group. Photo: Tesla.

“When submitting your personal information, please describe some of the toughest problems you’ve ever solved and the exact way to deal with it,” Musk wrote.

At first glance, this question may seem like common interview questions, often used by countless companies. However, there are four distinct points that make this requirement subtle. Let’s analyze them:

Required writing skills

Pay attention to how Musk asks candidates to share examples of problems they’ve solved, by writing them down, before going to the interview.

This is an important requirement because in the modern working environment, many people are no longer familiar with writing skills. Not only engineers but all other positions need to be able to express their thoughts, not only through designs or presentations but also through email, or other work applications like Slack. or IM.

Additionally, submitting personal experiences in writing gives the candidate the opportunity to have longer time to think without the pressure of the timing of the face-to-face interview, where introverted candidates are often unable to. show your best.

Requires many examples

Musk asked candidates to “please describe a few” of the problems they’ve been solving. An intelligent person can solve one or two problems, but the smartest person is someone who finds his own difficult problems to solve,

By asking for a few examples, Musk and the company’s recruiting department are setting higher standards for candidates. They look for the best and the best, who are able to solve many difficult problems.

Elon Musk uses him 2

Elon Musk’s tweet about recruitment requirements. Screenshot: Inc.

The most comparative requirement

Not only requires experience, Musk wants to know about the “most difficult” cases candidates have ever dealt with. This factor is also a subtle and important difference in his recruitment requirements.

Because having to pick only 1 or 2 percent out of a lot of applicants is actually a very differentiating challenge. The best option is to look at the complexity of the problems shared by the candidates and compare them against each other.

Requires the whole process.

Finally, Musk asks candidates to share “exactly how they solve” problems. He shows that he is not only interested in the solution, but the whole process of finding the solution.

In other words, Musk and Tesla really want to know how potential candidates think.

Many of the top companies use the same approach. Tech companies often ask candidates to present a cryptographic solution at the interview, not just the solution, but also to explain the process and why they come up with that solution.

However, Musk does not choose to pressure candidates at interviews. On the contrary, he asked about his previous experiences, the cases the candidate had dealt with.

In this way, the company Tesla will gain more information about candidates in many areas:

  • – Motivation
  • – Ability to identify major problems and root causes
  • – The reason to focus on solving specific aspects of those problems
  • – Personal strengths, weaknesses and tendencies

The above information tells Tesla whether the candidate’s problem-solving approach is appropriate for the company’s problems.

So if you’re an employer or job candidate, learn more about how Elon Musk asks for it. Don’t just ask about the problem the candidate solves, make sure you ask more about: writing skills, providing examples, comparability and problem solving.

(According to Zingnews)

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