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Elon Musk fears recession, may lay off 10% of employees from Tesla

Tesla Layoff: Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Elon Musk (Tesla) shares about nine per cent on Friday amid reports of employees firing ten percent and complaints of electric vehicles braking without any reason. rolled down. According to the news agency Reuters, Musk sent an email to company executives in the name of ‘stopping all kinds of appointments’. In this email, he said that he is having ‘very bad feelings’ about the economy and the company needs to be laid off.

According to a recent regulatory information filed by the company, Tesla currently employs about one lakh employees. This number also includes employees working in Tesla’s subsidiaries. Amidst these news, Tesla shares fell by $ 66 to $ 709 on Friday. Till two months ago, the company’s shares were trading around $1,150.

There were also complaints in Tesla car

Meanwhile, US government regulators said on Friday that more than 750 Tesla vehicle owners have complained about the cars. Customers say that cars running on partially automatic driving system are suddenly stopping automatically for no apparent reason.

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