Elon Musk assures Philippe Croizon that he will take him to space

His nerve paid off. Philippe Croizon, a French sportsman with a four limb amputee, asked Elon Musk on Twitter if he could book him a ticket to space. And the CEO of SpaceX replied in the affirmative.

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The story began with a tweet in the form of a bet on Friday, November 20. “Friends, if I reach 50,000 followers before Christmas, I call on Elon Musk to send me to space”, then promised Philippe Croizon on the social network. The threshold was largely crossed a little over an hour later thanks to his 55,500 followers on Monday.

A goal achieved to which Philippe Croizon quickly reacted. “You are too strong Twitter (I am opening Google translate)”, he cracked in a new tweet.

“We will make you fly on Starship”

The one who swam across the Channel kept his promise by calling in English the founder of SpaceX on Twitter, accompanying his request for photos of him swimming and parachuting and aboard a car for the Paris-Dakar. “Hello Elon Musk, I am a famous French adventurer without arms or legs! Send me into space to show once again that anything is possible! “, wrote Philippe Croizon.

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The story could have ended there. It was without counting on the reaction of Elon Musk who responded on Friday evening to his message. “Someday we’ll fly you on Starship”, promised the CEO of Tesla.

Not only did Philippe Croizon obtain an affirmative answer but in addition, he was able to exchange in private with Elon Musk by messages as he reported to our colleagues from BFMTV.

“We will discuss space and my next challenge”

“We tell ourselves that anything is possible! “, reacted Philippe Croison interviewed by BFMTV. “We are going to discuss both space and my next challenge, which is to return to the Dakar with a clean energy car”, said Philippe Croizon. The one who managed to connect the five continents by swimming in 2012 had indeed taken part in the Paris-Dakar in 2017.

Asked if he would have a preferential rate on the ticket, Philippe Croizon replied: “I think he has about $ 100 billion in his account, the Mister, so that should do it (…) I am leaving with my optimism, the desire to go. ”

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He hopes he can leave ” as soon as possible “, he explained before to add : “I will first let two or three shuttles pass, see how it goes. “” We only have one life, all I live today is more. “

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