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Elizabeth II appeals to people about Kovid 19 vaccine – need not fear, it is very easy to get

London: Queen Elizabeth II of Britain has appealed to the countrymen not to panic by getting the Kovid-19 vaccine. He said that those who are afraid of taking the vaccine, they should definitely think about others. He said that there is no harm due to getting vaccinated. The 94-year-old queen was given the vaccine of Kovid-19 along with her husband Prince Philip in January. After getting the vaccine, the queen said that she is feeling safe now. The Queen said, although everything was done in a hurry, but it was really very easy to get vaccinated. I have received many such letters from people in which they have said that it was so easy to vaccinate that they are surprised by this.

The Queen said, once you apply the vaccine, you feel completely relaxed. Then you become safe. This is certainly difficult for those who have not yet been vaccinated. In such a situation, they must think about others once rather than themselves.

1.8 crore have been vaccinated in Britain

Britney is one of the countries worst affected by the Corona virus. So far, 1.22 lakh people have died from Kovid-19. In Britain, the vaccine campaign is going on very fast. So far 18 million people have been vaccinated. The Queen has considered this disease like a plague epidemic. He has praised the health workers for the fast pace of vaccine campaign in the country. Last year, 72-year-old Prince Charles, the Queen’s elder son and Britain’s chief successor, also underwent a minor infection of the Kovid-19. As part of the vaccine campaign, Prince Chales was given a vaccine dose with his second wife, 73-year-old Camilla. Prince Philip, on the other hand, is currently undergoing treatment for another infection in the hospital.

The Queen praised the health workers

The Queen has praised the steps being taken by the health workers and asked them to continue the work. He compared this epidemic to World War II. The Queen appreciated the community efforts of the British people working against the disease.

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