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Elisabeth Borne gives the government’s priorities on childhood

Monday, November 21, the government celebrated with 24 hours of delay the International Day of the rights of the child which fell, this year, Sunday. For the occasion, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne chaired the first specific interministerial committee, at the end of which she unveiled her government’s roadmap for this ” priority “ of the quinquennium.

Over the next five years, forty measures are to be implemented, serving five priorities. Here are the main announcements.

Fight against violence

A “central office” must be created, in order to better articulate the action of the police and the gendarmerie. Objective: to avoid acting out as much as possible. “The idea is to oblige the services to work together under a common direction, in order in particular not to lose track of people already identified for their deviant behavior with regard to children”analyzes a police officer specializing in this type of case.

On the judicial side, parental authority will be systematically withdrawn from any parent convicted of incest. He will therefore no longer be able to benefit from visitation and accommodation rights, nor participate in the education of his child. Until now, this withdrawal was only optional.

Ensuring equal opportunities for foster children

The goal is that no child will be homeless in five years. The prefects will have to ensure this, thanks to an envelope of 40 million euros intended to create emergency accommodation places.

With regard to children in care, the State will continue its policy of contracting with the departments in the field of child protection in order to support innovative initiatives. This system, much put forward since Emmanuel Macron came to power, consists of the State encouraging the departments, leaders in this field, to act, by co-financing certain projects. 97 departments have already played the game around three main objectives: support for maternal and child protection services (PMI), reception of disabled children and strengthening of cells for collecting worrying information (Crip). A second wave of contracting will therefore be launched for an amount of 140 million euros, with an effort of 50 million additional for the integration of children in care who have become adults.

Care options for everyone

Finally, the public early childhood service, which consists of offering each child a mode of childcare, will be put on track. A National Refoundation Council will be created to organize discussions between the State and the municipalities on the subject. Their copy must be returned in the spring of 2023.

Fight against health inequalities

While the mental well-being figures are alarming, with in particular a 40% increase in suicidal gestures among girls, the Prime Minister recalled that child psychiatry meetings will take place in the spring of 2013. Then, in order to fight against health inequalities that start in childhood as evidenced by the high prevalence of pathologies linked to a lack of oral hygiene among the poorest children, all kindergarten and primary school children will have to brush their teeth at lunchtime .

Protect children from screens

On this theme repeatedly mentioned by the President of the Republic himself, certain decisions taken during the previous five-year period must come into force. Thus, the default parental control – voted by the Studer law of March 2, 2022 – will be installed on all new tablets and smartphones from the beginning of 2023.

The new sites announced are more limited. Emphasis is placed on the education of families and young people themselves who must become the first lookouts for their safety. Age control tools for minors for access to pornographic sites are referred to the future laboratory for online child protection announced on November 10 by Emmanuel Macron. The solutions already validated, such as the “digital lock” ordered by the National Commission for Information Technology and Freedom and the Center of Expertise for Digital Regulation (PeRen) of Bercy, are, they, returned to the Greek calendars.


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