Electronic cannabis – death comes gradually to smokers

Smoking electronic marijuana, regardless of frequency, can lead to bronchitis, wheezing, and nCoV infection easily worsening, according to research in the US.

The study was published in the journal JAMA Network Open on December 22.

“Due to Covid-19’s influence, we have been able to identify our users,” said Jessica Braymiller, professor at the Center for Tobacco Regulatory Science at the University of Southern California and author of the study. Using nicotine or electronic marijuana will suffer from respiratory disease, but can not study further about that particular disease “.

Cannabis is a drug from the hemp plant called Cannabis Sativa. Currently cannabis, synthetic drugs are also known as potash, bu, grass, talent, battery … Cannabis is used in the form of smoking, vape, inhalation, drinking, recently, the play style is mixed into Electronic cigarette part to smoke. This type of cannabis smoking has appeared in Vietnam. Recently, Bach Mai Hospital received some emergencies due to smoking mixed e-cigarettes.

The results of an online survey by the group of professors Jessica Braymiller showed that more than 2,000 high school students in southern California, who used to smoke cigarettes or vapes, had symptoms of respiratory illnesses. Electronic cannabis users are also more susceptible to bronchitis. The more frequently used, the higher the risk of disease.

Using electronic marijuana for 3 days or more in a month doubles the risk of inflammation or narrowing of the airways, usually wheezing.

Dr Albert Rizzo, medical director of the American Lung Association, said: “Research has also shown coughing, phlegm and wheezing are symptoms of respiratory tract inflammation. determine whether this is a manifestation of chronic lung disease or not.

According to experts, the lungs are the organs most severely affected by Covid-19, smokers and e-cigarettes, when infected with the virus, are at a higher risk of getting worse and dying.

Thomas Wills, professor and director of the Cancer Prevention Program at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center, said: “The lesson is that using any e-cigarette is bad for the health of the bar. teenagers, especially mixing more “marijuana”.

Up to now, the difference between the symptoms of using e-cannabis and e-cigarettes has not been clearly explained. Professor Braymiller said: “It could be due to the different chemical ingredients. When you use vapes, you burn the liquid to inhale. The chemical difference in nicotine and cannabis causes the symptoms. However, further research is still needed.

Dr. Rizzo recommends: “If you are concerned about your health, do not use vaping. According to the US Center for Disease Control, smokers and vapers have a higher risk of complications from Covid-19 than those who other”.

Hai Chi (According to the CNN)


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