Eight hundred professionals demand the reopening of cinemas

They denounce the “violence” and “injustice” of their situation in a column initiated by the society of film directors, published in The world and signed by Yvan Attal, Jacques Audiard, Claire Denis or Cédric Klapisch, in particular.

We can “stand in line to buy sneakers (…), crowd into supermarkets or take the train, even when crowded», But go to the cinema? Not yet. Alas, more than 800 professionals from a stalled industry alarm the president in a forum. Unequal treatment raises questions. Deemed arbitrary, the decision to keep cinemas closed is scandalous. This is enough to reject the principle of health precaution of a dubious pout at best. The government does not convince a decidedly deserted cinema planet.

For very long months, the 5,913 screens of the 2,046 cinemas in France have been kept closed», Lists the forum. Professionals rely on a “opinion of the Scientific Council of October 26 and by the ComCor study of the Institut Pasteur of December 10, 2020», To contradict a principle of health precaution which would be irrelevant in their case. The forum also points to a recent German study, carried out by the Hermann Rietschel Institute (University of Berlin), according to which “movie theaters are twice as safe as supermarkets and three times as safe as train travel. ” If this is the case, why not reopen the rooms in respect of “strict health protocols“, As was the case”from the first days of deconfinement»Recalls the tribune.

As finished films pile up on distributor shelves every week. It is the “whole platform” which is becoming established in the habits and devalues ​​our ambitions and our rights.“, Worry professionals.

So what? Do we stay closed for a year, two years? Forever ?“, Ask circumspect professionals who, in their address to the President, wish to recall”the nightmareThat they cross. “Each week of closure adds to the disaster on the moveThey insist. Beyond a “world of debates and ideas which is considerably impoverished“, it is “an economic industrial sector with 340,000 jobs flowing“, Encrypt the signatories. The request is therefore clear: “reopen the rooms! Now !


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