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Egyptian government released 41 prisoners before Eid, including political activists and journalists

Government newspaper ‘Al-Ahram’ According to a news of the English version of the , a total of 41 prisoners have been released. The government’s human rights body said in a statement that only those who were arrested before the trial began in the cases registered against them have been released. However, he did not give any detailed information in this regard.
Prisoners are released on President’s pardon
This step at the end of Ramadan Has picked up a week before Eid holiday. This is usually a time when prisoners are released on the pardon of the President. The number of prisoners released this year is the highest among prisoners released in recent years. It is said that there are thousands of political prisoners in Egyptian prisons, most of whom have not even started trial in the cases registered.
journalist Mohamed Salah also released
Many people arrested in southern part of country
Meanwhile, many people have also been arrested. Human rights lawyer Khalid Ali said on Saturday that several people in the southern part of the country have been arrested and accused of spreading lies. These people sang a song against rising food prices in a video shared online.


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