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Education: parents’ tips for getting their children to read

“I never refuse to buy a book, even if it looks bad”

Thomas, father of two children aged 9 and 5

“My eldest learned to read the year of the first confinement, in 2020. As I found myself H24 with her, we read a lot together. It had a very positive effect but from the big kindergarten section, she was already beginning to decipher letters and books attracted her. It must be said that, in our house, they are everywhere, even in the toilets. Ditto with his grandparents, who have a nice collection of comics. With us, books are part of everyday life and can even be used as walls to build a fortified castle.

Today, my daughter reads all the time, so much so that I had to set rules, like not reading at the table or after a certain hour. She devours comics, Deadly Adele to Children of the resistance but she is also beginning to read classics of my generation on her own, such as The world of Narnia by CS Lewis or Matilda by Roald Dahl, which she wanted to read after seeing the film adaptations. Unlike candy or toys, I never refuse the purchase of a book, even if it looks bad. Me too, when I was a child, I read rotten comics, that didn’t prevent me from discovering more demanding works later on. »

“I read to them aloud every night”

Maeva, mother of four children aged 12, 7, 5 and 1

“In a world where we are always caught up in images, I want my children to read ‘real’ books. I limit comics and manga, otherwise they only read that and don’t make the effort to tackle novels. For my eldest, learning to read was a battle, he was angry with learning and I had to call a speech therapist, who unblocked the situation in a few sessions. Today, he reads about a book a week. He is a fan of Arsène Lupin and Jules Verne.

My daughter, she wanted to learn to read from the age of 2 years and at 5 years old, in a few weeks, it was done. I take them twice a month to the library to read the books of their choice there, but we don’t borrow any. On the other hand, I buy a lot of second-hand books that I leave available for them on their bedside tables and from which they dig. I also read aloud to them every night. I discover with them classics of children’s literature such as Pippi Longstocking Where The Little House On The Prairie. It makes them dream, it transmits to them a general culture and good values. It is ideal for family discussions. »

“I encourage my son to persevere”

Married, mother of three children aged 12, 9 and 4

“Evening reading is a ritual for us. At 8 p.m., Maël, the youngest, is waiting for us in his bed for his story and I ask the two adults to read alone. The eldest, Noé, gets into it with a good heart. He reads manga and also novels offered by his grandparents, generally on the advice of their bookseller, or drawn from the school’s suggestion lists.

Sometimes he struggles to get into the story, but I encourage him to persevere, get past the first two chapters and often it works. His brother Axel only likes documentary books, which he pecks at according to his desires, and comic strips like Deadly Adele and Ariol. His teacher strongly advised us against them but I let him do it because I can see that he takes a lot of pleasure in it. »


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