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Education: new call for strike Thursday January 20 in schools, colleges and high schools

After an initial mobilization, several unions launched a new strike call this Thursday, January 20 in schools, colleges and high schools to demand “strong answers” facing “chaos” caused by the health crisis and massive investments in education.

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The unions FSU, CGT Educ’action, FO and SUD Education, as well as the FCPE, the first organization of parents of pupils, and the high school student movements FIDL, MNL and La Voix lycéenne called on Monday January 17 in a press release to “continue mobilization”, engaging « in a new day of action (…), including by strike”. This mobilization “must lead to a massive strike on January 27 as part of the interprofessional appeal” for wages and employment, they added.

“An urgent need for investment”

Exasperated by the waltz of health protocols linked to Covid-19, teachers and other national education personnel carried out a major strike on Thursday January 13, at the end of which the government promised them five million FFP2 masks. and replacements, including the recruitment of “3,300 more contract workers” and the use of complementary lists (candidates who passed the competition and were not recruited, but were well ranked).

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The government also announced that assessments of “mid CP” would be “postponed to a deadline that remains to be defined”, and that a possible postponement of the baccalaureate specialty tests, scheduled for March, would be studied.

Believing that these advertisements “are not enough”, the unions are calling for “immediately postpone the specialty tests”, at “cancel mid-CP assessments”, at “create all the positions necessary to ensure replacements, beyond the use of additional lists” and to “provide schools and establishments with sufficient protective equipment, well beyond the volumes announced”.

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They feel that the school also has “an urgent need for investment”. They ask “a collective budget to allow massive recruitment and reduce the number of students in classes”, and call for “increase staff salaries”.

A less broad call for mobilization

Sud Éducation had already called for a strike on January 20 on Friday, while the SNUipp-FSU, the first primary school union, had indicated that there would be “different forms of mobilization” in the coming weeks. The call for mobilization for Thursday is however less broad than for January 13, the teacher unions SE-Unsa, Snalc and Sgen-CFDT not having joined the movement this time.

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Other modes of action are also recommended for Thursday, the SNUipp-FSU having notably proposed to the personnel “to mobilize everywhere in front of their schools during the meridian break by displaying “My school is cracking” and by broadcasting the images of this happening on social networks”.


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