Ecovacs Deebot X1 Turbo robot vacuum cleaner: ‘Expensive in pieces’

The new Ecovacs Deebot X1 Turbo has just been released but has been impressed by many outstanding features and smart technology that make cleaning the floor simpler and faster.

8 outstanding features

8 features make Deebot X1 Turbo an attractive product in the current robot vacuum market, including: Powerful suction up to 5000Pa, the highest in the robot vacuum cleaner market; OZMO Turbo 2.0 dual spinning mop, with integrated cleaning, washing and drying with air; Vision+ Deep Fusion self-paving technology intelligently avoids obstacles, 95% higher efficiency than the previous version; Small obstacle detection is more than 4 times accurate, the detection distance is increased by 50% compared to the old generation; Quickly create a 3D map of the house in minutes; 2nd generation AIVI 3D sensor system with 8 times higher computing power than T8 AIVI and 16 times Deebot T9; Control by English voice with virtual assistant Yiko AI integrated right on the robot body.

Powerful cleaning ability

With a powerful engine inside, the Deebot X1 Turbo can achieve a very strong suction power of up to 5000Pa, more than enough to suck up large dust particles and garbage. The machine also integrates a dual rotating brush, so the ability to collect garbage is significantly increased, limiting dust flying around and the ability to recognize the carpet surface to automatically increase the suction power to the highest level.

The built-in dust box is also a plus to save you the trouble of dumping dust regularly, plus a HEPA filter that retains most of the superfine dust. Thanks to that, the floor always keeps the cleanliness, creating a fresher living space for the owner.

Deebot X1 Turbo’s cleaning and suction ability scores with customers

The Deebot X1 Turbo also scores with the ability to wipe. Two cotton pads absorb dust easily, rotate 180 rpm to remove dirt and apply great pressure on the floor to enhance efficiency. Besides, the robot body also continuously supplies water to moisten the rag, then when the water runs out or the mop is too dirty, it will automatically return to the clean station for washing and drying.

Smart object avoidance, quick room mapping

For such effective suction and cleaning, it is also thanks to the high quality object recognition and room mapping sensor system from Ecovacs. The test shows that the machine only needs a few minutes of moving around the house to create a 3D map with high accuracy, automatically divide the room space and clearly display the locations of obstacles such as tables and chairs, beds, cabinets or even potted plants and fans. You can also edit, increase or decrease the width of the wall or add furniture to the 3D map via the phone app.

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Turbo robot vacuum cleaner: 'Expensive in pieces'
The smarter sensor system helps the Deebot X1 Turbo to effectively limit entrapment.

In addition, the Ecovacs Home mobile application has a beautiful interface, the main features are brought out for easier use by users. Inside, there are many fine-tuning menus, setting different modes, checking the life of accessories, adding a daily cleaning schedule…

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Turbo robot vacuum cleaner: 'Expensive in pieces'
You can use Deebot X1 Turbo instead of security cameras patrolling around the house

In this app, you can also take advantage of the 960p camera on the front of the robot to use instead of a security camera. Instead of only having a fixed angle of view, you can control the robot to go around the house and “scan” all the hidden corners that conventional surveillance cameras cannot do.

The charging station has built-in washing and drying capabilities

If you only buy cheap vacuuming and mopping robot models, you will quickly feel frustrated because you have to regularly wash the mop by hand. With Deebot X1 Turbo, this stage is replaced by the charging station while still ensuring hygiene.

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Turbo robot vacuum cleaner: 'Expensive in pieces'
Inside the charging dock, there are 2 water bottles, the washing and drying system works very effectively

The charging station has 2 water tanks inside, one for clean water and the other for dirty water. Each time the machine is finished cleaning the house, returning to the charging station is 2 cotton swabs that will be washed with clean water, dusted with small thorns, then dried with cool air to limit odor-causing bacteria. Thanks to that, it sometimes takes 2-4 weeks for you to remove the cotton pad and wash your hands once.

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Turbo robot vacuum cleaner: 'Expensive in pieces'
Pictures before and after washing the mop in the charging station, the treated dirt stains can be seen

Virtual assistant Yiko AI “always listens, always understands”

Instead of having to use virtual assistants like Google or Alexa to control through smart home systems, Deebot X1 Turbo integrates virtual assistant Yiko AI right into the body. The robot’s microphone always listens to the command “Ok Yiko” and then follows the user’s request without manipulating the button on the charging station or phone.

Deebot X1 Turbo is considered “expensive in pieces”. The machine costs more than 20 million VND but guarantees the most advanced features and technology today, from the ability to vacuum, clean the house, avoid objects, dry cleaning cotton swabs to a series of software features such as remote control. Voice often used instead of security cameras.

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