Economy: what is the cost of teleworking for employees?

A human resources firm took an interest in the cost of teleworking for employees. “In addition to everything you have to buy to equip yourself, and which is normally provided by the company: computer equipment, pens, papers … There is also everything that it costs to stay at home […]. If you work from home, you will need to heat, make coffee, use your water“, explains the journalist Julien Cholin on the 12/13 plateau, Tuesday February 9. According to the HR firm, all these expenses could represent up to 574 euros per month.

The additional cost is not often supported by companies, according to the journalist. While several companies have set up aids to equip themselves with IT, “for these fixed costs, only a third of the companies offer support“. On the other hand, some savings are possible when working remotely: in terms of fuel, transport or clothing.

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