Economy: the revival of French textile production


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Textile production, largely relocated over the past 20 years, is experiencing a revival in France. Some textile factories have survived thanks to the attraction of made in France. Now they are hiring.

In the Roanne basin, in the Loire, a textile factory is growing under control. Here, from knitting to tailoring, 90% of the bras, knee pads and sweaters are made locally. The factory has 35 employees and plans to hire five people in six months. Liliane Simon was made redundant 16 years ago for lack of economic activity. She was rehired in the factory. According to the director, this increase in demand is due to the success of made in France during the health crisis, although twice as expensive.

Only 3% of our clothes are made in France. √Čric Boel borrowed 21 million euros and received 800,000 euros in state and regional aid to set up his textile factory. Its workshops are expected to manufacture 10 million canvas bags each year for a major brand. “Supermarket checkout bags are made 100% in Asia, today we are repatriating this production where we will be able, thanks to robotization, to fight against this social dumping and to have products that will create jobs and allow us to regain our sovereignty “, justifies the entrepreneur.

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