Economy: review of the Alstom / General Electric saga

A big demonstration is organized in Belfort (Territory of Belfort) Saturday 24 October. At issue: ljob cuts at General Electric in France. It all starts en April 2014, when the American giant wanted to get its hands on Alstom. To seize the French flagship, he is ready to spend 13 billion euros. The former Minister of the Economy, Arnaud Montebourg, refuses and makes it a personal fight. His successor, Emmanuel Macron, formalizes the takeover of Alstom’s energy branch and its 58 nuclear reactors with, in the contract, the creation of a thousand jobs.

In June 2018, General Electric announces the elimination of more than a thousand positions. Bruno Le Maire, now Minister of the Economy, orders 50 million euros in financial sanctions. In 2020, six years after the controversial sale, discussions are underway to resume the nuclear industry from General Electric. The EDF company would be in the ranks in particular.

Employees, elected officials … All are invited to walk to support the employees of General Electric and say no to job cuts, says France Télévisions journalist Antony Halpern, live from Belfort. In a year and a half, nearly 700 jobs have been lost. It is now the turn of the hydraulic and coal branches to be threatened“.

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