Economy: despite the crisis, some sectors started to rise again in 2020

Despite the crisis, traders have managed to maintain or even increase their turnover. Local businesses have done well. “With limited travel, the French have turned more to food shops near their homes”, analyzes journalist Christelle Méral on the France 2 set, Saturday January 9. On average, butchers, wine merchants and fishmongers recorded an increase of +5 to 10% in activity in 2020.

The confinement motivated many people to carry out work in their homes. As a result, DIY stores increased their sales by 2 to 3% over the year. “Very good year for stores specializing in office automation with the development of teleworking and limited leisure activities, adds the journalist. Computer and television purchases have skyrocketed. “ Finally, small bookstores were able to count on their loyal customers, and recorded an average 15% increase in turnover in 2020.

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