Economic crisis: the time of deconfinement for companies

Gilles Georgieff’s toy store reopened its doors on Saturday, November 28, and the manager regains the pleasure of advising customers again. The reopening was essential, a few weeks before the Holidays. “The period is favorable for there to be people“, he comments. Everyone finds their rhythm: his wife manages the wrapping of gifts behind the counter, and the children help with stocks.

In Olivier Brière’s workshop, the machine, which had been stopped for a month, is working again, and for good. “Believe us, in this period we need to deliver“, he told reporters from France Télévisions. One less worry, but the period remains difficult since he cannot go and see his clients abroad. In the event of a new crisis, he has nevertheless thought of a plan: “recruit locally to be present in as many countries as possible“. Like Gilles Georgieff, he has in any case shown courage and determination during this difficult health context. They are both convinced, the hardest part is now behind them.

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