Economic crisis: the government’s battle to save jobs

They are called the “restructuring commissioners”. These are state officials who travel the region at the bedside of companies. “You can say that I am an emergency doctor in the sense that we intervene with companies or business leaders whose situation is degraded, and when everything is going well we can call on me to see what it is. is still possible to do “, explains Roger Trussardo. Its action, like that of the twenty or so other restructuring commissioners, depends on the Ministry of the Economy.

Roger Trussardo visits a 140-person factory specializing in lighting for professional premises. The company has been weakened because of the health crisis, and its orders have fallen by 20%. “There is less work. And then the Covid all that, it finishes killing all the companies”, confides Alain Bachar, an employee very worried about his future, to France 2. The company has a debt of 900,000 euros to URSAFF, which it wishes to spread, or even reduce. The commissioner intervenes to calm relations with URSAFF and the creditors. The leaders are also betting on innovation, with an anti-Covid light. To develop his production, he requested a loan of 2.5 million euros from the State. The commissioner will therefore organize a meeting at the Ministry of the Economy.

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