Economic crisis: influencers at the bedside of shops

Without being able to sell in store, it is online that saleswomen promote their items. They organize a fashion show, broadcast live on social networks. They called on two local influencers, and implemented discounts. “It makes us discover shops that we do not know, […] frankly it makes discover beautiful things“, comments Martine, a buyer seduced by the concept. Influencers also have their share of the pie.”I gain some followers there (subscribers, editor’s note) who did not know me either, […] it’s a great synergy“, explains Margo Legrain.

Faced with the economic crisis, the initiative also helps to recreate links between traders. “We laugh, we exchange, we share, we confide in things and really we feel a real pleasure to do that “, explains Angela Leroux, from the Côté Filles boutique. For others, nothing can replace human contact. Stéphanie Piscopo, from the Noeud à polka boutique, says to herself “very close to its customers“and find that the system makes things”very difficult“.

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