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Economic crisis in Sri Lanka: Rs 3853 kg turmeric, 1 kg bread cost Rs 3583

The pressure on the government is increasing in the midst of the deepening economic crisis in Sri Lanka. The protests are getting fiercer everyday. The biggest point of demonstration has become the capital Colombo, where common people are on the streets with flags, banners and posters in their hands due to the lack of food and drinks from petrol and diesel. There are continuous demonstrations in front of the secretariat as well.

Along with the common people in Sri Lanka, the opposition has also started trying to attack the Rajapaksa government. Preparations are being made to bring a no-confidence motion against the government. Sri Lanka’s main opposition party SJB has announced to bring a no-confidence motion against the government. According to reports, SJB has also started taking signatures from MPs for this.

To end the crisis, the Finance Minister of the Rajapaksa government has started trying to negotiate with the IMF, because the graph of the country’s foreign reserves has gone down. The result of this is that the prices of essential things are sky high.

Inflation hit in Sri Lanka

Essential goods price hike in one year
Petrol Rs 254 85%
Diesel Rs 104 69%
Cylinder Rs 2750 84%
Turmeric Rs 3853 443%
Bread Rs 3583 443%
Rice Rs 162 93%
Masoor Dal Rs 325 117%

The price of petrol has increased by 85 percent in one year. Diesel has become costlier by 69 per cent. There was a jump of 84 percent in the price of LPG cylinder. Not only this, the price of one kg of turmeric is Rs 3853, which has a jump of 443 percent. One kg of bread is available for Rs 3583. Its price has also increased by 443 percent. The price of rice has increased by 93 per cent, while that of masoor dal has increased by 117 per cent.

The figures are telling how bad the situation is in Sri Lanka. For this reason, people gathered outside the President’s Secretariat are demanding Gotabay Rajapaksa to leave power. At present, there is a huge shortage of fuel in Sri Lanka, which India is playing a big role in resolving. In the past, India has transported 40 thousand metric tons of diesel and 36 thousand metric tons of petrol to Sri Lanka as a credit line.

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